Vanessa Pomeroy, Embracing Forms, 1983, High Road

Vanessa Pomeroy, Embracing Forms, 1983

Vanessa Pomeroy, Embracing Forms, 1983, High Road, Tottenham, Haringey Council.

It’s got a lovely spot a just up from Tottenham High Cross and next to one of Tottenham’s many closed down public toilets. The best view is from behind the bushes rather than from the footpath. How romantic. I like it’s “modern” look. Brancusi in concrete. I feel like it’s telling us to all get along, embrace the new and the modern ways of the world.
There’s a caption on the front of the brick plynth that reads:




(Purchased 1983)”

Puchased I’m assuming by Haringey Council and these two concrete bodies have been holding each other here for the 33 years since. I think it would be just at home on the edge of the Coventry city centre, just by the few trees at the far end of Far Gosford Street some time in the late 90’s. Maybe between a tree and a broken bench. But I like it just where it is.

Photographed: 2015
Location: 51°35’22” N 0°4’12” W


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