Public Art in Tottenham

Bernette Hall and Donald Taylor, Waterfall Mural, 1991
Tree Trust for Haringey, The Seven Sisters, 1996
Catherine Rive, Combes Croft Library Mural, 2007
Jack Gardner, Interlocking Rings, 2012
Edward Bawden, Ferry Across the River Lea, 1968
Ann Carrington, The Skeleton Horse of Tottenham, 2005
Bruce Mclean, The Path of the People, 1998
Unknown Artist, Pelham Road nameplate, ?c. 2012?
Anthony Steele, Peace Mural I, 1987
Catherine Rive, Holcombe Market Murals, 2005
Hackney Cement Association and various artists, The Spot, 2004?-present
Jack Gardner, Bull, 2011, Markfield Park
Vanessa Pomeroy, Embracing Forms, 1983, High Road



Embracing Forms is a photography site by artist Chris Clarke documenting public artworks in and around Tottenham, north London, UK